In December 2011, Henrik Werdekin, Matt Meeker, and Carly Strife got inspiration from their New York City rescue Hugo, Cooper, and Roxy and teamed up to create BarkBox. 

BarkBox is a subscription-based online service where members are afforded monthly packages for their dogs. This New York-based service was founded to cater to the canine needs of millions of American and Canadian households that own dogs.

The monthly packages consist of all natural treats, toys and hygiene products. BarkBox caters to dogs of all sizes from large breeds such as Great Danes to puppies. Since its conception, this service has grown into one of the most recommendable and popular dig box service provider available.


How Bark Box Works

BarkBox Subscription US CA carefully customizes each of the monthly boxes to the specific dog’s characteristics. As a subscriber, you never know what you are going to receive. As such, each of the items included in the package will always be a surprise. With each box you order, you get 4 to 6 customized items for your dog. Every package has at least:

  • 2 all natural bags of healthy dog treats
  • 2 fun and innovative dog toys
  • A dog chew

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It is worth noting that this is the basic BarkBox formula. However, each package will always be a mystery. This operational model is one of the reasons for its wide popularity.

Each month, BarkBox incorporates fun themes into the packages. These themes often match the season. For instance, you should expect creative holiday-themed treats and toys for your dog during the holidays.

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The packages are delivered on the 15th of every month. Many customers report that they receive their packages without delays. In case you are a new subscriber, and you end up signing up after the 10th, you will receive your bark box in the 15th of the next month.



Barkbox employs a very simple operational model. Once you log into their website, you click the “Get Started” tab. You will be prompted to choose your dog’s size and the subscription length (BarkBox Plan) of your preference. Once you have filled in your billing information, BarkBox will inquire about your dog and shipping information.

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Then you can simply wait for your monthly packages to arrive. The box will be curated according to your dog’s size. There are several categorizations of the Bark Boxes according to dog size. They include:

  • Small BarkBox (Small & Cute): 0 - 20 pounds
  • Medium BarkBox (Just Right): 20 – 50 pounds
  • Big BarkBox (Big & Bold): 50+ pounds

One great aspect about the categorizations is that all the plans are provided at the same price regardless of your dog's size range. BarkBox Subscriptions US prices will vary depending on the length of the subscription you sign-up for. It is important to note that all the BlackBox Subscriptions will auto-renew unless they have been canceled.

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For instance, if you sign up for the 6 months plan and cancel your subscription, you will receive only the six bark boxes as ordered. In case you do not cancel your subscription, it will automatically renew on the 3rd of the renewal month. The BarkBox prices are listed below:

  • 1 month Bark Box plan - $ 29
  • 6 month BarkBox plan - $ 25 a month or $ 135 upfront (10 % savings)
  • 12 month BarkBox plan - $ 20 a month or $ 228 upfront (5 % savings)

For the first month, BarkBox bills you as soon as you start the plan. After the first month, you will be billed on the 3rd of every month for the length of the plan. On top of the monthly subscription plan, Bark Box provides the option of adding a premium toy to your package every month. This will cost you an extra $ 9. 

Bark Box Premium Extra Toy

The premium option is a great feature for those who may be seeking bonus toys. All BarkBox plans are automatically billed, include free shipping through USPS and can be canceled at will without further commitments.

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A cancellation means that you are terminating the renewal and not the current subscription.

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All the dog treats included in the BarkBox packages are tested in-house. BarkBox sources all the edible items directly from top vendors from the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The founders of BarkBox are dog lovers as well. They affirmed that they would not send anything to a customer’s dog that they would not send to their own.


The BarkBox monthly package surprises are specifically customized to suit your dog’s needs. The packages will always include items that can be beneficial to your dog. BarkBox offers free replacements for any items that your dog does not like via the Scout’s Honor Guarantee program


When you tabulate the value of the BarkBox packages, the total retail value exceeds the monthly subscription fees. This is the case even for the most expensive options on the list ($29). Shipping services are also complimentary.


BarkBox is aware of the allergy concerns of many dog owners. Their products have been developed to include this demographic. No BarkBox treats contain wheat, soy or corn. These are ingredients that many dogs may be allergic to.

BarkBox also offers allergy-friendly options for any special cases. These options carter to dogs with beef, turkey or chicken allergies. You can contact BarkBox directly to access the allergy-friendly packages.


BarkBox has a gifting option where you can gift your monthly packages to any other dog of your choice. Each gift pack contains themed toys, healthy treats and one extra premium bonus gift toy from BarkBox.


10 percent of all the profits that BarkBox makes are channeled into animal shelter programs. The company also implements the BarkGood program. This program provides assistance to more than 3000 animal shelter and rescue groups across the United State and Canada.


The only notable cons of BlackBox subscriptions is that the boxes themselves are not customizable and the company does not offer packages for other common pets such as cats.

Overall, if you like to get toys and treats for your dog on a regular basis, BarkBox is for you. This online service offers great value and you can take advantage of Coupons and other complementary features. It is definitely worth giving BarkBox a try for the benefit of your beloved pet.

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