About Us

PetsBlvd is a new pet online shop offering a wide range of products for both pets and pet owners. Our expert operated website provides you with a variety of pet products at competitive prices and friendly customer service. As your everything-pets shop, PetsBlvd offers high quality and affordable toys for your dog, cat or birds while saving you a few bucks. Primarily, we endeavor to keep tails wagging. Our pocket and pet-friendly website feature the new and most popular pet products brands on the market. 
What’s In Store for Your Pet? 

Pet Clothing
We have the latest pet clothing for your dog or cat such as breathable mesh, sweatshirts, roupas, dresses, tank tops, sweaters, polos, coats, jackets, jerseys, mascots, pet jumpsuits and puppy vest for winter and summer. We also stock sneaker boots, anti-slip shoes among other pet accessories. All these come in different design, size, and color. 

Dog and Cat Toys 
We offer brand new and good quality toys that help you spend quality time with your pet. Our chewing or tugging dumb shell designed toys will give your puppy more pleasure during play time. Our variety guarantees that you will find the best toy for your pet. We also stock high-quality led safety collars and adjustable scarfs. 

Pet Owner Products
PetsBlvd understands that pets and pet owners are inseparable. In this regard, we provide quality pet owner products that will make you proud as you walk or play around with your adorable animal. We work round the clock to create compelling accessories and clothing for trendsetters and pet lovers with an incredible sense of humor. Every member of our team has their distinct creativity and personality that guarantees the best for our pet lovers.

Here, you can find a variety of right quality t-shirts. Feel free to browse through our dog and cat owner sections. You will find Halloween, and pop culture inspired random and hilarious T-shirt designs. From pet memes to favorite pet activities, it is easy to find a unique design that will describe your personality as the number one pet owner. 

At PetsBlvd.com we believe that every printed item in your home can be a way to express your identity and hobbies. We have hundreds of personalized mugs from which to choose. The various designs are exclusive to our website as they are created by our esteemed and highly talented artists. Fundamentally, we believe in the future where pet lovers all over the world can finally get what they want; both for themselves and for their adorable animals.